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Tree removal can be needed for many reasons and our expert team can help assist to remove any dangerous or fallen trees on your property safely and efficiently

Upkeep of trees on your property through services like tree trimming and tree pruning can help trees stay healthy as well as keep your property looking clean

Emergencies happen and when you have a tree emergency such as a tree that has fallen on your home or vehicle or poses an immediate danger our professional team can help

Trees in a residential setting are important to the value of your property as well as the beauty of your property. However, when they pose a danger to your home they may need to be removed by a professional team to keep your residential property safe

Business owners often do not have the time or knowledge to be able to remove trees themselves from their commercial property. This is why we offer high quality commercial tree removal and various tree services for our commercial customers

Routing water lines strategically to your trees or even regularly scheduled tree maintenance services such as trimming and pruning can greatly improve the health of your trees and improve the landscape of your residential or commercial property

You can rest assured knowing that your yard will not be left in shambles after a tree job. Likewise after storms there may be many fallen branches and tree limbs that need to be removed as well as the integrity of your trees assessed for any damages

Want those pesky stumps removed or grinded down on your property to make room for a new garden or to improve the looks of your yard? Stump removal and stump grinding may be the service that you need to get your yard looking better and make room for a new project

Sometimes if left unchecked shrubs and bushes can become overgrown and take over your yard. Even worse they pose a severe fire hazard in the summer months leaving your property at risk. If this sounds like you then ask us about our bush and shrub removal services

If you need various tree services that include one or more of out above services or ongoing maintenance of your trees on your residential or commercial properties feel free to contact us about how we can help you. We offer a wide variety of tree services ranging from tree removals, tree trimming, and tree care

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Tree services can be overwhelming because it often involves trees that are potentially about to cause property damage or may have already caused property damage. Even tree maintenance like pruning can be stressful if you have a lot of trees and do not have the spare time due to a busy schedule. Getting started is easy. Just fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us to ask any questions related to your project or our procedures. A member of our team will be happy to assist you in getting a quote for your project if you want. You can also contact us by phone at 971-288-7934 or by email at contact@thebrandsherpas.com.

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