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Tree Care

The Brand Sherpas provides high-quality, licensed, and insured tree care in the Anchorage Alaska and surrounding areas. Tree care is truly our specialty. We interact with our customers clearly and cheerfully. Our goal is to maintain long-term tree health through honesty and trust in our work. In our opinion, the most excellent tree services can only be provided by experienced and well-trained employees working with our clients.

Beautiful, healthy trees may dramatically boost the value and environmental effect of your home and land. The trees surrounding your property are likely to have been there for a long time, and when they are cared for correctly, they will continue to grow throughout the years. Your tree’s health is best ensured by hiring a professional tree services company like The Brand Sherpas.

You may avoid problems like the infestation of hazardous pests on dangerous tree limbs by regularly having your trees checked up by a professional who is recognized by the International Society Of Arboriculture. Homeowners and businesses in Anchorage Alaska rely on The Brand Sherpas to do proactive maintenance on their trees to avoid harm.

Tree Treatment and Repair is one of our specialites. Our tree surgeons and physicians also have a great deal of expertise treating trees and getting them healthy again. They are aware of strategies to manage diseases and pests, such as treatments for emerald ash borer. Because we are a licensed tree service company, we are often called upon to repair the trees in Anchorage Alaska.

The challenge of placing these responsibilities in the hands of an untrained individual or company might have fatal results for your tree. This may put your project on hold, and if it isn’t done correctly, it might harm your trees and jeopardize your home’s structure due to the danger of falling branches.

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The Brand Sherpas tree service is recognized for performing a fantastic job for all of our customers and that they will definitely recommend. First, our certified arborists and other team members are well-versed in using different types of heavy equipment, which allows us to complete more significant projects more quickly and effectively.

Access to after-hours help for true emergencies is another reason our company has had the chance to position itself as one of the top service providers for commercial and residential tree services in the region. Contact us right now for a free estimate on any of our tree care services, including tree cutting and removal.

Our success is founded on our expertise; while we train and prepare for the day, we will serve you with only the most high-quality tree services near Anchorage Alaska. If you’ve had planted your trees or are proud of the beauty and shade they give, it is crucial to recognize that your complete landscape has to be managed by a professional.
You may check our license criteria for our tree care business by consulting the Anchorage Alaska Department of Agriculture’s list of qualified candidates. However, being aware that you are accredited is not evidence of competency. In Anchorage Alaska, it is imperative that your trees receive the best care that they possibly can. That is why we always stay up to date with the latest and most effective best practices of the industry and keep our equipment in perfect working order.

We are swift and efficient and do our best to put your stress at ease, and you’ll be back to entirely having fun in your yard. To top it all off, the arborists we employ are all well trained and have a goal of clear customer communication in mind. Pruning, removal of injections, and mulching of small to medium-sized trees and even very large trees are all things we can assist you with.

What is the most efficient method of locating local tree service providers in Anchorage Alaska? Tree care services are often overlooked until it is too late. Owners frequently look online using search terms like ‘tree care near me Anchorage Alaska’ or ‘Anchorage Alaska tree care near me’ and choose the company that can get at their property quickly when a tree starts browning, dropping leaves, or even dying starts to occur. However, it is important to choose who you work with wisely and do your research thoroughly before hiring anyone in the tree care industry.

Once you’ve found a local tree care company that can handle the job, the next step is to hire them. The hunt will probably go either way. You can’t discover any qualified firms in your area, or you can, but you may not be sure which one to choose since there are so many.

How To Choose The Right Tree Care Company For Tree Care In My Area? - Anchorage Alaska

Tree Care

A simple technique to ask your neighbors next door for suggestions will help you focus your search for a locally based tree care company and ensure that you achieve the results you desire. The advantage of neighbor recommendation to tree service companies located within your area is that the suggestion comes from a neighbor next to you or simply a few homes across from you; it’s crucial to know that you’re getting a recommendation that you trust.


This will provide you with an even more detailed study of how their tree health has improved with the aid of an expert. Keep an eye on the customer’s whole experience. Beyond the efficacy of tree health care, There is always the problem concerning the quality of service they got. Is the tree service company sustain excellent communication? Are the team experts at the site able to complete the job professionally? Are they on time and leave with the job fully completed? All of these are difficulties that your neighbor may have some insight into.


The sorts of cars and equipment they utilize and how their premises are kept will disclose something about the company. In addition, there’s a good likelihood that if they’re proud of their facilities, tools, and vehicles, they’re also proud of their job. This focus has led us to establish a long list of happy clients around Anchorage Alaska, one we want to extend with time and with the support of our loyal customer base.


If you want to have a tree removed from your property, you should speak with an arborist first. Tree trimming prices typically vary depending on various factors. The cost of tree removal may vary based on the size, height, area, and condition of your tree and also on the choice of whether to remove the stump. Time of year can also influence pricing.


Trees under 30 feet tall are more accessible for an arborist to manage since they are smaller in stature. Removing a small tree takes less time and may not require heavy equipment. It is the responsibility of tree care companies to remove medium-height trees that are 30 feet or more to 60 feet high, which might cost far less than very large trees.


The cost of the best tree care company near Anchorage Alaska rises in direct proportion to the size and height of the tree. In addition, the location is critical. When compared to cutting down a tree that is growing near your house, removing a tree in an open place is quicker and presents fewer challenges. Arborists will assess your tree and provide you estimations depending on the covered criteria.

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Tree Care

The Brand Sherpas can assist you if you need our products or services. From the original proposal to the final clean-up, you’ll receive outstanding service and honest communication every step of the process. Trusted and backed by insurance makes having us on your property safe and ensures you take no risks. When it comes to caring for your trees, you can count on the experienced arborists at The Brand Sherpas to go above and beyond.

Our company provides a comprehensive variety of skilled tree care services in Anchorage Alaska to assist preserve and caring for our clients’ critical landscapes. We’re confident in our ability to deliver the highest level of tree care since we strictly enforce our high standards and only work with the best materials and equipment available.

However, the damage caused when trees are not correctly trimmed might be expensive to the tree as well as your cash. It’s easy for a first-time tree trimmer to make a beginner error, such as over-pruning or trimming too close to winter’s end. These errors may lead to the development of the tree being halted, rendering the tree susceptible to insects or disease, or infrequently, even the tree’s death. When storm damage has your property in shambles or requires an emergency job removing a tree, then it becomes important to work with the right professional tree care provider.

An arborist is a skilled tree expert who not only knows how and when to trim a tree or shrub but who can also detect the presence of tree and shrub diseases or insects and know how to deal with the problem most safely and effectively possible. Professional arborists need to be skilled in tree care and maintenance services such as soil tests, tree fertilizing, shrub care and shrub pruning, shrub fertilization, tree trimming, trimming tree branches, tree planting, expert tree risk assessment, treating tree diseases like emerald ash borers, tree disease management, tree pest management, diseases and insects that affect trees, tree pruning to get your trees pruned, tree cabling to mitigate tree risk, stump grinding to help you get your tree stump removed (or tree stumps if you have many), plant health best practices and even lawn care and lawn fertilization methods that work in conjunction with your tree care. Our ISA certified arborists and tree care specialists are all tree experts that can provide the above services and always for fair prices. If you need a company to do an excellent job and provide reasonably priced services, then The Brand Sherpas is the right professional tree company for you.

Often, trees and shrubs may be rescued if they are treated in the early stages by sprays or injections. Trees may live for decades or even centuries, yet they can be killed in a matter of days if they aren’t cared for appropriately. If the trees you have are vital to you, then engage an expert arborist to make sure they get excellent care so that you may take delight in them for many years to come.

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The Brand Sherpas has been providing tree care services to Anchorage Alaska and the surrounding areas for years and considers itself one of the best tree care companies locally. When you are in need of affordable tree care near Anchorage Alaska, we can make sure that your trees are taken care of in a professional manner and for a great price. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to get started. For more information or to check on availability, you can reach us by phone at 971-288-7934 or by email at

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