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Tree Management

There are many reasons why trees that have longer lifespans are the best choice to support creating a beautiful landscape around your property. However, trees can be prone to injury and decay and are more susceptible to getting sick if proper tree management is not in place. It can help to have certified arborists go over your tree inventory and be there to provide professional tree management. They have completed and studied all of the required education resources regarding tree and vegetation management for tree and shrub care. They can make sure your residential trees or commercial trees are well taken care of. This can involve developing a management plan for your trees. Tree management plans make sure that the work that is required to keep them healthy is organized and well laid out. They can also assist you with activities such as tree planting projects that you would like to complete on your property. Overall having a tree expert to aid you in the tree management aspects of your property can save you time and ensure your property looks great.

Pay attention to your local environment. Trees and plants you see on your property are part of the local ecosystem. We always remind people who live in urban areas that their home and other infrastructure should be considered an integral part of the local community. This principle applies to your property as well.
Trees, a critical component of many habitats around us, have been significantly impacted due to environmental factors.
Educate yourself about your tree species because each tree is unique and has its own species and characteristics. Knowing what types of trees you have on your property will help you better manage your efforts over time. If you are not clear about the type of tree you have, it can be difficult to understand what you are gonna need to accomplish in order to provide proper tree care.

Tree Care Company Specializing In Tree Management Anchorage Alaska - What Do They Do?

Secure the ground and lower trunk plants. Your trees depend on their relationship to the soil ecosystem, especially in an urban forest. The other plants that grow under the trees are part of this intricate web, and it becomes an important part of tree care.

Do not be misled; some advocate topping trees. Pruning can be beneficial to those who live near and among trees. However, through the topping, trees can become injured, and because their shape changes in accordance with the changing environment, these changes bring new pruning seasons.

Trees are not like rocks; they are alive and constantly changing. Trees that are cared for by you endure countless cycles of wind loads each year. Small changes in the tree are likely to occur. The question is what and when not if. Keeping the tree healthy can be accomplished through proper tree maintenance and having tree care company maintain the tree through their tree care service. Sometimes people think that the trees on their property will simply take care of themselves or may want to try and take care of the tree maintenance themselves.

It is easier said than done. Many people do not understand what their particular tree actually needs or may not have the appropriate knowledge required to properly do the tree maintenance themselves. Trees actually need to be looked after, and depending on the situation, if the tree is not cared for properly, it can become sick or even become injured. When the tree is not in good health or even worse, if the tree dies, then it can become a danger for your property. Logbooks can help to keep track of changes of the tree, watering schedules as well as other maintenance schedules and notes. Also, to take repeatable measurements, you need to find a way to mark the tree so you can take measurements again in the same place or as close as possible. With the laser meter, you can also set up specific tracking positions that are simple and provide valuable information about tree growth and changes. Tree development occurs when trees add a new layer of the tree over their entire structure each growing season. This development is inevitable and will continue as long as there is life.

In essence, we have found that people who have trees are unaware of the extent of tree growth that will take place. This is especially true in areas where conditions are favorable for growth and growth is rapid. Therefore, in many cases, the remains of removed trees give the most accurate estimate of the rate of growth you can expect to see on your property in the near future.

There are a variety of species and different locations on your property that may have different trees with typical growth rates as well as entirely different needs that will be required for their tree care and tree management plan. Again, an excellent ability to visually assess trees will make it easier for you to examine your trees in detail and understand the changes in growth that might occur during tree care. Property development has both immediate and long-term effects. It can take a long time for trees to show stress and significant changes due to the effects of construction and improvements of any kind.

Create a path that allows this view while reducing the amount of food trafficking on the underside of your tree. Post signs explaining the importance of staying on the trails to preserve the soil and plants that support your trees’ development and well-being.

Natural mulch is the ally of trees wherever they are. The enormously effective mulch that plants and trees produce as they grow shed their parts or dies for the winter. Many civilizations living in urban areas or suburbs consider the leaf piles as a “mess” and view them as an adversary or derogatory remark, but they are essential to the ecosystem.

Do not cover tree trunks or plants with too much mulch. Instead, leave the fallen or cut pieces of your tree as macro mulch that will rot on the floor. You can also use the woody debris to prevent trails from wandering or to eliminate trails you do not want to use. Even better, find out if the tree supplier has a whole load of wood chips that you can add to your tree care strategy.

Learn the morphology of the trees you are aiming for on your property. This will help you determine the appropriate maintenance plan for the trees. If you do not have the time or ability to invest in properly maintaining your trees, it may be necessary to hire a tree care company to conduct the tree care and tree management for your trees.

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Tree Management

Regular tree care will ensure the safety and esthetics of your tree for many decades to come for you and those you know.
Tree species are usually selected based on the size of the planting space and the potential growth the plants will experience, and the possibility that maintenance tree service might be required to keep them healthy can often be overlooked. Having a tree expert perform a complete tree inventory for your residential trees or commercial property trees, and assess any vegetation management procedures that will be needed for the tree and shrub care or new tree planting project planned on your property will help to keep your urban forest healthy. Certified arborists are trained to properly perform this type of work and may even have some education resources or tree care tips they can teach you about if you are interested in learning. Although professional tree care can be overlooked, it becomes apparent how important it is when a tree falls down or dies as a result of the lack of proper care.

We are a tree service and tree management that handles everything from pre-commercial thinning and clear-cut planting to management strategies and permitting to removals. We have been in business for a long time, working with residential and commercial landowners, large and small.

The City of Anchorage Alaska offers assistance for fallen trees blocking roads or on top of homes and trucks on public property. City foresters will focus on trees that have fallen on city-owned homes or streets and sidewalks. If the tree falls between the street and sidewalk of a home, the City and City crews are responsible for addressing the problem as it is located on city property.

If the tree is between the home and the sidewalk or discovered in your backyard, it is on private property, and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact their insurance company or a private professional. If the tree falls on private property but is blocking the street, residents should not hesitate to contact the city arborist for assistance.

If you need tree management services in Anchorage Alaska, then it may be because you do not have the time to care for your trees, or perhaps you just want a professional company to handle it for you. In this case, The Brand Sherpas can provide all of the necessary services your trees need in order to be properly well maintained. Simply stop by our local office or give us a call at 971-288-7934. You can also send us an email at to learn more information.

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